Mavrik Rubber Bumper Plates
Mavrik rubber bumper plates contain cast iron center hubs encased in black, non-
marking high-density rubber.  Each bumper plate weighs within 6-8 ounces of its'
indicated weight.  The bumper disc is approximately 17 7/8in. (454mm) in diameter, and
2 3/8in.(60mm) in thickness.  The standardized (IWF) color/weight identification is  used.

BP10                                        10 kilogram bumper plate                                      
BP15                                        15 kilogram bumper plate                                      
BP20                                        20 kilogram bumper plate                                      
BP25                                        25 kilogram bumper plate                                      

Personalized plates with logos and names are available! Click on "Services"

Color ID for each bumper plate - red, blue, yellow, green, or white:  add

Metal Weights
High quality cast iron plates.

MP5                                                   5 kilogram plate                                          
MP2.5                                             2.5 kilogram plate                                                         
MP1.25                                          1.25 kilogram plate                                         
MP500                                            .50 kilogram plate                                            
MP250                                            .25 kilogram plate                                           

Weightlifting Bars
High performance stainless steel shaft with needle bearing sleeves

Men’s SS Training Bar                                                                                                       N/A

Women’s SS Training Bar                                                             
15kg/33lbs                                                                                                                           N/A

Weightlifting Sets
Men's and Women's 177.5kg Training Set                                                                      N/A  

Mavrik Low Profile Platform

Our Olympic weightlifting platform consists of 2 layers of solid wood within the lifting
area.  The first(bottom) layer is 3/4” cdx exterior plywood.  The top center layer(lifting
area) is also a 3/4” plywood surface with a plain smooth finish.  2 layers of 3/4“ (1 1/2”
thickness) rubber matting fill the remaining area for the weights to land on.  Custom
platforms and sizes are available.  Platforms can be delivered to any region and require
assembly. (See "Services")

8’ X 6’ Weightlifting Platform w/11 gauge 2” x 1½” rectangle metal retaining border.
8' X 8' Weightlifting Platform                                                                                               

Platform logo(1 color) add:

Custom Construction & Labor:

Custom platforms available - call for details

Pro Elite Portable Squat Stands

These platform squat stands are made from 11gauge 2” X 2” steel, adjustable
height up to 6'                                                                                                                      

                                                Legal Statement

When purchasing equipment through Mavrik Barbell the purchaser and user understands
the risk associated with using or making contact with this type of equipment and agrees
not to hold Mavrik Barbell, its agents and/or representatives responsible for injuries or
proper maintenance and/or supervision.  Always have a physical and get a physician's
approval before starting any fitness program.

                                                Additional Notes

All prices in U.S. Currency.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

A 25% deposit may be required for all purchase orders over $5000, call for details.

Large orders may have a lead time of 6-8weeks, call for specific details.

All equipment is on a made to order basis.

Bumper Plates – 2 years
Weightlifting Bars – Limited Lifetime
Metal Frames – Limited Lifetime
Mavrik Barbell Co  Phone: 818-266-0680  Fax: 818-718-0342