Mavrik Barbell Company (originally named, Mav-Rik) has been
providing quality weightlifting equipment since its founding in
1965.  It all started when Bob Hise II, founder of Mavrik,
developed and engineered a high performance weightlifting
bar which was used at the 1965 AAU Weightlifting National
Championships. A few years later, he developed the reliable
and affordable bumper plates the weightlifting community has
come to know. Mavrik’s reputation for high quality equipment
quickly became world renown and his innovations have
prompted others to imitate our products, but none have
matched up to the “original”.  
Our mission is to continue Bob Hise’s tradition of affordable
 Owners of Mavrik Barbell since 1999
Co-Owners Diana Fuhrman and Timmy Chin
Mavrik Barbell Co  Phone: 818-266-0680  Fax: 818-718-0342
high quality training equipment by using the same ingredients and manufacturing
processes that have created the unique characteristics of Mavrik bumper plates and
bars.   We also believe the best way to maintain this tradition is to invite you to be part
of our family of coaches and athletes, sharing your ideas and challenges with us.  
Some of our latest improvements and product designs come from you. We look
forward to working with you to achieve your greatest aspirations and we are anxious to
help you benefit from your weightlifting experience.